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What is the purpose of a dental surgery center?

A dental surgery center offers a hospital-like setting for doctors to perform complex dental procedures while patients are under general anesthesia in a safe, controlled environment. A medicare certified and JCAHO accredited facility is held to significantly higher safety standards than a normal office.

Why does my child need a referral prior to scheduling a consultation?
A potential patient must be evaluated by a dentist or physician in order to determine if the patient is a candidate for dentistry under general anesthesia. If possible, we recommend that treatment be attempted with conventional means first.
Why do I need a consultation?
A consultation is required before a surgical appointment is given. The patient undergoes a thorough dental and medical evaluation. The patient should have urgent dental needs and be in good health. The parents are then given instructions to prepare for the appointment.
Why would a child need general anesthesia just to have teeth fixed?
  • Young children who need significant dental work. 
  • Children who are afraid and experience severe anxiety. These patients will also struggle to sit in a dental chair, and their fear of the dentist will likely increase if procedures are performed while they are awake. 
  • Patients who have special needs. These children may also be unable to remain still or may have anxiety.
What kind of training do the doctors have?
Our doctors are specialty trained in the safe administration of pediatric dental care under general anesthesia.
How long does it take?
The total length of time varies with each child and depends on the amount of dental treatment needed and the time it takes your child to recover.
How do I prepare my children for their appointment?
At the consultation, pre-operative instructions will be given and reviewed.
Why can't my child eat or drink before surgery?

The safest way for your child to receive anesthesia is on an empty stomach. Eating or drinking after the restricted times given to you will cause the cancellation of your child’s surgery.

What if my child has a cold or is exposed to a disease before surgery?

Should your child develop a cold or flu-like symptoms anytime before the surgery, please contact our office. A visit to the pediatrician may be recommended.

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