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The Children’s Dental Surgery Center (CDSC) was established in response to the increasing number of children in need of pediatric dental care under general anesthesia.

At CDSC, we approach pediatric dental surgery unlike anyone else. Our doctors are trained in the safe administration of pediatric dental care under general anesthesia. Our state-of-the-art facility is accredited by the Joint Commission as a certified ambulatory surgery center and equipped with the most modern, advanced dental technology and instrumentation. The result is that children feel more at ease in our kid-friendly environment, and parents know their children are getting the best pediatric dental care available.

The Children’s Dental Surgery Center provides an excellent alternative for patients under 12 who otherwise cannot be treated under conventional means.

Our professional staff of pediatric dentists, anesthesia providers, specially trained nurses and dental assistants is dedicated to delivering the highest level of pediatric dental surgery to our patients and families.

Our commitment to children

Tooth decay continues to be the most chronic disease in young children today. Early childhood caries is associated with poor growth and poor nutrition in children. Untreated dental disease can exacerbate and cause serious infection and threat to the health of children. Children’s Dental Surgery Center specializes in providing dental care to children who cannot be treated under conventional means.

These include:

  • Infants
  • Children who are pre-communicative or pre-cooperative
  • Children who exhibit a high level of apprehension or anxiety
  • Children who have extensive dental needs
  • Children who have had traumatic dental experience
  • Children with developmental disabilities

Our pediatric dentists provide comprehensive restorative care including fillings, crowns, baby root canal therapy, extractions, space maintainers, and other procedures. These procedures are done efficiently while preserving quality care while the child is unaware and feeling no discomfort due to the influence of general anesthesia.

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